About Me

My name is Neena Phillips and I love to read!  I have been an avid reader for most of my life, to the point that at times I would term it as an addiction.  I enjoy reading several different kinds of books, including contemporary romance, paranormal romance, historical romance, science fiction, and fantasy.  (So, I suppose it's pretty obvious I lean heavily towards romance...sue me!)  Nonfictional genres aren't my favs, so biographies, autobiographies, and historical accounts rarely make my reading list.  Really, the only time I did read them was when it was required for a grade.

Both young adult and adult books do make it on my reading list.  I would like to use this blog to share reviews of books I read, but I would also like to eventually share some original writings that come from my own fevered imagination.  It is my dream to one day write a book of my very own.  This blog is my first step to move from dreaming to doing.

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